Anti Aging Is only a step away!!!

Anti Aging Is only a step away!!!

Your face is a reflection of your body constitution.  If you get old on your face, your body is undergoing aging.  

yesterday, I took half day off to go to try some Spa facilities. I first started the infrared capsule by enjoying the relaxation mode then turned to wellness mode.  It has some kind of vibration that resembles light massage too.  Actually, it is very good for tight muscles relief.  I sprayed my organic rose water all over the body to prevent overheating that may hurt my skin.  


then I tried their hydra facial.  Frankly speaking by incorporating body session with facial, it yields more benefits.  I slept better that night and awoke with a better skin... which is more younger looking!!! The results came out great with the use of organic rose water to enhance result.


anti aging is only a step away...

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