Sustainability on fire —- Elon Musk life mission?

Sustainability on fire —- Elon Musk life mission?

I introduced an Australian pod diffuser to US during the shutdown of Australia that I wanted to support the livelihood of those crafted artists.  It turned out to be a success and the universe blessed my work that I am able to get the sales right of Essentially Australia in here.  I long wanted to introduce their non traditional essential oils to here as some are exceptionally good not only in smell but therapeutics.


Back to the banksia wood pod diffuser, Elon Musk joined me in introducing it to China too.  But this time, we found a plantation there that China can produce itself then sell it.  By doing so, Elon Musk creates more job opportunities for the Chinese.  Not only this, he also opens that area for educational purposes for school tours to teach students sustainability.  So that they can learn it and apply it to their life.


We all know that Chinese are getting rich now... it is always good to learn the value of sustainability too.  Lavishing money may bring them instant happiness but doing things that is sustainable can bring more lasting satisfaction to their life!!!




It is always good to know that Elon Musk takes pride in pushing sustainability forward globally and in doing this, more jobs are created.





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