Technology advancement brings hope

Technology advancement brings hope

my husband occasionally is on prediabetic category in his blood work.  When he intakes more sugary drinks, he will feel discomfort on his fingers and toes... when he tells me this happens, I usually will make a blend for him to apply and it takes 1-3 applications to get rid of this issue.


yesterday, I took him to try the infrared capsule that has vibration function.  The night before, he applied my blend; the next morning, he just experienced a very little bit discomfort which was not bothering.  I told him that after the sessions, his would be fine... there is a rational behind that I know it with confidence that he will definitely be fine with one time use.  The result, he hasn’t had any discomfort after doing it...


I myself benefited from it too... because people kept telling me that I had glow on my skin.  Frankly speaking, I used aromatherapy spritz for all over my body before I did the infrared capsule... it worked great too!!!

But, please make sure your body conditions allow before you try it...

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