Tight skin =/ = youthful look

Tight skin =/ = youthful look

You may notice your face changes daily... for the same tight skin, you sometimes look older but sometimes younger.  Machines or facial tools can help you tighten your skin easily but to maintain a youthful look, you need needles to work with your meridians.


i noticed this from my acupuncturist... she does 3 times facial acupuncture a week... she is almost 60 but still maintain a youthful look.  She is admirable that she went to medical school when she was 15 years of old and graduated second... She always instill positivity in my heart and encourage me to be persevere and persistent in doing anything... but she said that I Am very hardworking, many people give up easily but I make it through... it really takes time for the result to stem up....

one day, my Master said to me... “i May be too old to make any fundamental changes , but I can refine ...” Proud and dignified, it was impossible that he would say this... actually I haven’t told him that I love him... but I did change a lot of my habits... I do think of going to culinary school (Le Gordon Bleu) to learn cooking so that I can cook for him!!!  But he told me that I can learn it from YouTube.... in fact he has a medal in the French cuisine...

I am very good at floral arrangements!!! I put his art theories into my floral design and revolutionize the whole floral art... and I developed the China floral art.  To be continued 

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