Are all diffusers the same?

Are all diffusers the same?

Like I said, not all lavenders are the same.  What about diffusers?  Are they all the same?  The answer is NO.  

some diffusers are very good at diffusing floral scents like roses, some are good for agarwood (sustainable) diffusing, some are very good at diffusing rosemary abs eucalyptus.


As experts have it that, rosemary (not c.t. alpha pinene) and eucalyptus when diffuse, may trigger epileptic seizure, headache and restless legs…either immediately or later with more frequencies.  But it really depends on the diffuser that you use.  As shown in the featured photo, this diffuser emits a more refined mist from harsh chemical components, making it readily absorbable…. That won’t create the issues that mentioned before.


to conclude technology makes things from impossible to possible.  That said if you want to improve cognitive power of your brain, using it to diffuse rosemary gives you green light and causes no harm…. 

as Alzheimer’s gets so much attention nowadays that people are very concerned at memory improvement.  This may be a good news who wants to take a proactive approach.