Diffusers Revisit

Diffusers Revisit

Like I said, not all diffusers are the same.  So, when I have a market day on Galleria Farmer's Market, I gave people detailed information on how to pick the right diffuser.  It is not just the design or color, but functionality if you have a special issue to deal with.

I talked about nano diffusing with a particular diffuser that I sold out all already, that gave exceptional results in diffusing rosemary or eucalyptus oils for improving memory or relieving the memory loss issue of Alzheimer's.

You can read my published article on a case report on Alzheimer's healing on Drug Designing Open Access " The Role of Conventional Medicine in a Model of All Natural Protocols in Alzheimer's Healing: What Makes It Inevitable?" 

Many people actually picked the nano one... the feedback is very positive and they said that they inhale a lot too.  There are diversities in the diffusing/nebulizing usages but the good thing of SCIENCE is that the facts tell it all.  Unlike Arts/literature... the arguments can be forever.

This time, I would like to talk about another one... you may think of diffuser is just inhaling the molecules to the brain and improve the respiration related issues... but it is not.. it can help relief nerve pain/stressed neck/stressed shoulders.  As shown in the picture, this one is very good... Tight shoulders/tight neck always are related to stroke, your chances of getting it is larger.  this diffuser is good that it helps reduce the pressure exerted on these areas.  Diffusing is not just an upward relief but also goes downward too.

For some oils, you feel stuffy when inhale too much, but you won't get this feeling if you use this type of diffuser.

Diffusers/nebulizers selling involve a lot of professional knowledge, I always think that they should be placed in a store with professional sales to handle them.  What do you think? But if it is run in this way, prices will be increased.