Genetics or Methods

Genetics or Methods

I just finished my acupuncture session.  My acupuncturist told me that my hair look soooooo beautiful.  I told her that my grandma had better glow hair than mine and her hair was still all black in her 90’s.


I then said that it must be genetics.  She said that your products must be very effective.  I then told her that I use what she told me —- coconut oil after shampooing and conditioning.  It’s been years that I used this method.


she then said that I am so persistence in doing things.  For others, they gave up easily.  I then said that it takes time to see results... that’s why I need to be persistence.


I used to be afraid of cold weather.  She asked me if I needed to have a blanket during treatment.  I then said that I didn’t feel cold, on the contrary quite warm.  I then replied that my body got stronger and my years spent on having regular acupuncture sessions finally paid off.


I takes preventative approach in achieving my beauty and health goals.  I don’t wait for issues come up and deal with them... that’s too late and too costly!!!


can you conclude if improvements are made by the methods used, genetical factor or positive attitude?