I talk about Professional Strength in my formulation

I talk about Professional Strength in my formulation

There was a time some people came to try a balm and told me that it smelled better than “thieve”.   I haven’t used thieve so I don’t know much about it.  

Aromatherapy sales market is very easy to enter that made the competition so keen.  People nowadays talk about evidence based.  But evidence =/= truth.  Also not everyone knows the market trend and can be on track.  Most often, they just do what the fads are.  That said, the media may not bring you the correct knowledge.

Like the media promotes self care heals it all.  But self care without professional guidance is not going to be a successful one.  It takes time and effort to master a knowledge.  And, some people are more talented than others like Einstein... who else could come up E = MC2?

I talked at natural products, alternative medicine and pharmaceutical science conferences and have some publications in academic research journals and I take a balanced view towards conventional treatments and alternative treatments.

These are only points for you to ponder?  Have you thought of the fact that self care can blur your issues and make it much harder to detect earlier like cancer?

to be continued