Newton's 3rd Law and therapeutics

Newton's 3rd Law and therapeutics

When I started to promote Manuka Oil in Galleria Farmer's Market, so surprisingly nobody knew what Manuka Honey was.  Actually, I lived at Lakeway Boulevard at that time, my neighbors were very knowledgeable of health related issue and always self prescribed and they only believe in visiting a MD in the case that they cannot handle.  That's why in Lakeway, gyms are so popular that self caring exercises are so good to their appetite.

Manuka Essential Oil actually it not so pleasing in aroma, but the therapeutics are so potent.  If you believe tea tree in proven anti viral in research that you will appreciate more that Manuka essential oil can enhance tea tree results.

In this flu and allergies season, a diluted blend of Ginger + tea tree+ Manuka in a carrier oil is what brings you great relief.

Theoretically Australian should enjoy robust health but the reality is, Australia in always in a LOCKDOWN MODE. As you all know that eucalyptus is a very famous essential oil from there... if you have knowledge in Aromatherapy, you will know that in raw form eucalyptus is a hash element to take by our brain and it is also neurally excited.  But I am talking that when it is in RAW FORM... when it is not QUENCHED and not quenched in proper dosing.  IN America, I observed that many who use eucalyptus did get a certain healing result, but that is just temporary and would get back to them soon.  This fits what newton's 3rd Law is depicting.

I have a client who has severe nasal congestion, sneezing comes to me... but after body applications of the blend that mentioned (Ginger + tea tree+ Manuka essential oils diluted carrier oil), her nose was 90% clear.  Actually, she only needs to keep her feet warm and she will be ok and recover the rest very quick.  Actually Ginger+tea tree+Manuka can be used for diffusing, but without adding carrier oil this time.

There are other non aromatherapy ways of tackling this issue.  But it is out of the topic... perhaps in the future, we will discuss this further.