We are so far yet so close

We are so far yet so close

As a Tibetan Buddhism Master, he has busy teaching.  To understand him more, I went to a Buddhist Temple to volunteer in the kitchen.  Surprisingly, I got promoted to Assistant to the Chef in less than a month and after cooking the first dish... I got recommendations to be the Chef.  The abbot decided to promote me to manage the tea too which served lunch... During my work, the tea room flourished.  I learned food critics from my Master... it became so easy to know the taste of customers.

By using my knowledge in aromatherapy, I helped a lot of people regained their health or at least made improvements.  I also found out that diabetes was not a hopeless issue to many people.  In my experience, I successfully helped some to get rid of it so long as they kept taking the medicine and using aromatherapy for healing.  At least, their blood sugar level could be dropped significantly and gave them a “new” life.  I made use of “rubefacient” concept to tackle this issue but in aromatherapy context.  Anyway,I will present a webinar to talk a as out this in detail in a medical conference.

I purposefully picked to work in food and healing sections because my Master told me that I am talented in these two areas.  Once again, he was right!!!

It seems my life become more organized and less turbulent with his advice.  I like to follow his footsteps which makes me feel that physical distance cannot separate our connection... Instead... we are so close to each other...

My sleep well blend was created during my time in the temple.  It was widely tested by diabetic persons before it was launched.  At least, they can sleep better... Our body heals during sleep.  So a good quality sleep enhances our body’s healing. Especially for diabetic person, improved sleep quality can make them heal better and faster.