What's the REAL purpose of scrub?  磨砂的價值

What's the REAL purpose of scrub? 磨砂的價值

I like to do scrubbing from head to toe, but for the purpose of improving Micro circulation only.  That said, the size of the granules are very important.  Enzymatic or acidic scrubs are mainly used for foot scrub only.

What's the purpose of having scrub?  Commercial advertisement has its own interpretation... but I can say that the MAIN purpose of it is to improve the scarring issue that makes skin looks smoother and softer so that scarring looks less obvious.

Some people think that scrub can improve hydration level... well, your new skin coming out looks younger and softer but without the epidermis layer, your skin water relation ability will lose as a result.  That said to hold the moisture, your skin needs to have the uppermost epidermis to retain it... if taking an inside out approach.  


It is very hard to do the outside in to increase the hydration level... because the epidermis will protect the skin from any invaders.  That's why many skincare applies the retinol /acidic function to penetrate through.  But if this is the case, without the epidermis, you need to apply cream/lotion all the time.

If you have oily skin, if you use dry oil, your skin can look more hydrated because enlarged pores can hold and retain oil at the surface that said, if you have a drier skin, you need to rely on cryotherapy to achieve this.

Taking an outside in approach, it is through cryotherapy and topicals to make your skin looks glow and hydrated.  

Taking an inside out approach, light therapy is of vital importance... because through cell renewal, the newly exposed one will be more hydrated and glowing as light therapy increase the oxygen uptake of the cells.  

Scrub has its place, but if you have scarred skin, it is of double importance to you.  and your foot needs acidic exfoliation occasionally too.

Of course, the quality of the air, or drinking water cannot be overlooked although dietary intake is deterministic too.  While stress is over emphasized... the quality air is causing so much issue nowadays...

After prioritizing, have you found your routine that really works?