Is infrared heat our final solution?

Is infrared heat our final solution?

This seasonal greeting used to be a great time for dining… that in the past, many needed to lose weight after it.  However, with economy downturn, losing weight is easier than ever.    From losing weight to gaining weight, that may be the road ahead for us.  Anyway, we need to have an optimal weight to be healthy.  And the reason for this can be very sophisticated to understand… that takes papers to explain.


As infrared heat healing is getting popular now that people use it for anti aging, pain relief as often that may reach the limit of overdoing.  There are fitness centers that employ the techniques to exercising.


in view of so many claims they mentioned, are you the right candidate?  Some people when using it gets more benefits than others.


1.  If you like passive exercise that said sweat as less as possible… (preference)

2.  If you have skin issue that overheating will only make things worse… the added benefit is this is anti inflammatory too (concerns)


3.  If you have some health issue that deters you from high impact exercise and cardio related one with full speed… then combined 1+2 reasons, this is a good choice.  As Temperature rises is at a much lesser extent than exercising with non infrared one.

4.  If your issue is much inertia related that you need a more vigorous type to accomplish while at the same time control the inflammatory response from heat created through exercises…. Additional outer wear can help but in a milder mode.


anyway, when you are in doubt, always consult your MD before choosing… but the above is the general guidelines.  I will give a speech on this topic in detail and more uses in research conferences and write article to publish on research or scientific journal so that things can be elaborated in details.