Know the rules... Master the essences

Know the rules... Master the essences

Many people think that aromatherapy blending is very easy... you may know all the science but you may not be able to make the right and perfect blend to tackle the issues.


i argued with some aromatherapy teachers that the origins of the essential oils are very vital as not all lavenders are equal... and proving lavender can help with sleep quality means nothing if there is no protocol that works repeatedly right and that can stand the test of time and that can be proven.


they always talk about evidence based... but the universe laws are there even without Newtons Laws or Einstein relativity... 


As my Master’s student, I know that some people like Steve Jobs led the thoughts.  As a Genius, he didn’t need the market to tell him what to do... but for most of us, we need to learn from the Thought leaders!!!


Recently I got invited to endorse some medical treatments (esthetic) and some medical products.  

this is honor in fact because I do clinical aromatherapy.  I incorporated science into my formulation and developed a protocol that can be proved and tested.  At least my work was recognized by the medical world.


after the reopening, I need to work from Monday to Sunday...  this pandemic created too much stress to many people that pains are not uncommon, also cramps... can you believe that men did scream in the bodywork!!!

Taking a bigger picture, things will be different.