Lavender Revisited

Lavender Revisited

I met many customers in farmer’s market, complaining that nowadays lavenders smell so diluted and smells change so swift when unused for a short period of time.

while GCMS is valuable, it cannot tell these.  

for pure enjoyment, people always pick Bulgarian or Greek lavender, in my case, but when it comes to therapeutics, Chris Burder’s lavenders are always superb.


actually, inhalation, body and facial aromas are of different requirements to bring out the potent result of aromatherapy.  With people knowledge of essential oils deepens, it is time that lavender market be more segmented.

Like buying diffusers and nebulizers, nobody knows that each one of them brings out a specific chemical components through the design.  This is very professional that shouldn’t be taken lightly... as it is health related abs you know essential oils are composed of hundreds of chemical complements?  That said shall FDA intervene as EOs strictly speaking is more of a medicine?  Unlike convention meds that have a lot of research to support, what about aromatherapy?