Less is More -- simplifying and streamlining your self care routines

Less is More -- simplifying and streamlining your self care routines

I very often met people who have difficulties in sleeping well.  I found that when they learn to simplify/streamline their life routines and rest  1-2 hours before they go to bed... they sleep better, even so with some aromatherapy hints like diffusing/nebulizing...

Always figuring out what food to eat, what supplements to take, what beverage to drink... what exercise to practice...  how can their mind rest with so many decision making activities going on?   Haven't you had it that, what so called chronic fatigue is related to too many mind activities going on... Without proper rest for our mind, we are burning ourselves out, are we?  What you call self care to achieve better health is creating stress to your mind and body.

Although there are many reasons that can cause fatigue, whether it is mental or your body... the golden rule of "less is more -- simplifying and streamlining your self care routines" may worth your time exploring.

Aroma Healing Snapshot:

* Have you tried the Lavandin Grosso from the organic practice farm Stone Rise Farm in Victoria, Australia?  This farm is a renowned one in aromatherapy industry... and it only produces very limited quantity of oils that are of exceptional quality.  

* Their oils used to be used for professional people only.  But I bring the oils to the general public that everyone can enjoy its aroma and healing properties.  

* This oil is a good to have one for self care by invigorating and calming your mind and body.  

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