The Hero behind the scene

The Hero behind the scene

my bug spray got marvelous welcoming of its users.  Many who first in contact with it is attracted by its amazing aroma.  In fact, the Rosemary c.t. alpha pinene hydrosol and Bee lavender essential oil are from Victoria, Australia Stone Rise Farm.  The distiller is Chris Burder... his products have high reputation in aromatherapy industry among the professionals.  And they are for professional formulation.  Hi hat said, it’s therapeutic value is undoubtedly potent.

His other products include lavandin Grosso and Rosemary c.t. alpha pinene also got landslide victory since their first launched.  

but Chris most famous distillation is Swampy lavender essential oils.  In 2019, its auction price reached $500 for 10ml only. In that year, the yield was only about 20ml.  This lavender is so sweet and with more Ester content that makes it more calming and soothing.  

To let the general public to enjoy this lavender comes a bit challenging as the supply is very limited.  Anyway, the pandemic does hurt the economy so deep.... And it seems the second wave is unavoidable.


anyway, I will put 3 bottles 5ml of the legendary swampy lavender to the Bee Cave Farmers Market this Sunday (June 21) for a special price of $10 only.  

my signature face oil also use swampy lavender to make it... rare and precious.... and I don’t know when the next swampy lavender will be distilled again.

you will never be disappointed!!!