The Rise of Middlemen

The Rise of Middlemen

As the economy is heading to another direction, it seems money making is much harder as people are very much on budget and want to save than to spend.  So, this is a world of how firm is your network is and how likely they are going to buy from you and how much they are going to spend on your products/services.  In view of this, your chances of success will be through a middleman to connect and convince another party to buy your products/services.

So, if you are influencers, you will be making a lot of money now.  As everyone wants to be your friends and wants you to connect to the right person.  Like I said, medical researchers in conventional medicine are enjoying a higher social status.  So, it is very easy for them to establish themselves.  I think if they are in realty business, be it purchase/rentals, will make more business than others.  That said, you keep your job as a medical researchers and a part time job as realtors, especially rentals, there still exist a lot of potentials.

Another money making industry is medical research journals... as medical researchers/professors/lecturers are required to have a few published papers a year to keep the job and get promoted.  Like myself, my publishers told me that they can sponsor my work? !  it is weird, as everyone is tightening their belly, they can still have extra money to do that.  

Back to the topic, I think middlemen can be a paid career in connecting a successful transactions.  I bet, this will be a shooting careers for some people especially influencers.

Recently, I connected a therapist to an infrared exercise studio, it seems both sides are happy of the getting together.  I bet they both will expand due to this.  When asked if massage is necessary after the exercise... I think simple chair massage (relaxation) will do... This will make you feel so good.

我很欣賞" 科目三" 的原創者的舞蹈的, 除了先天身體的柔軟度, 還有深厚的功夫的, 其他人跳是OUTSIDE IN 的MUSCLES 的轉動的, 但他是INSIDE OUT 的.  這其實是一種療法來的, 有些痛症你怎樣都無法好的, 用什麼方法都好, 但這INSIDE OUT 的方式會使你得以治癒的.  要懂易筋經先可以做到的.   其他人DANCE好易受傷的, 但懂的人不會的, 還會身心舒暢的。