Thermic Food -- 火辣食材知多少?

Thermic Food -- 火辣食材知多少?

I learned the knowledge of Thermic food from a YouTube video... that a man talked about how he used this to help celebrities to lose weight.  I then did a google search, and have some ideas of they are.  But I don't agree to the present classification.

The original purpose of these ingredients are to provide heat to burn fat and increase metabolism so that you can lose muscle mass fast too.  That said, HEAT production is one of the core characteristics of this food.  Secondly, for those who need to lose fat, usually they have a pro hot body, that said, anti inflammatory characteristics has to co exist at the same in the ingredient... so that when they burn their metabolism rate, their body won't cause extra inflammation.  Therefore, for Thermic food to work, it has to be able to produce heat while at the same time has anti inflammatory properties.  On the other hand, anti inflammatory properties of the ingredients reduce the hungry feeling that one has to suffer that would encourage them to eat more.

So, the list should definitely include garlic, turmeric, ginger, onion, cayenne pepper, cinnamon...

But if you have hot flash, you need to pay extra attention if you take thermic food.  If you are under medication, you better consult your medical professionals before taking them.

I tried thermic food and I found that I lost my belly fat really fast.  The increase in metabolism did make me hungry but I didn't want to eat more.  I think that's why it is effective in weight loss too.  Actually, thermic food can improve your energy level.  While Pandemic restricts our activities, adding some thermic food to your meal can keep you stay fit.