Twitter 的黑色幽默。The sarcastic humor told by Twitter

Twitter 的黑色幽默。The sarcastic humor told by Twitter

While Twitter is still struggling … whether firing the wrong persons or calling them back to work….  What it means to us is that Elon Musk perhaps should be in entertainment industry.  Is an enterprise can be so dramatic with comedy elements?  I told my Fiancé that isn’t he better be a joker… the world seems to be a boring place without him that he brings jokes in tears perhaps to us.  I wrote on his tweet that he should write a wellness book… I told him to sign Elon Musk to be his talent in his talent company.


i finished my two parts research on Alzheimer’s Disease and presented it on Pulsus natural products conference.  Since I targeted on mitochondria and I established the link between them and beta amyloids plaques… that the weakening of Mitochondria will result in the development of plagues that leads to Alzheimer’s… that said fueling mitochondria can remedy the situation… it does…


the point is what elements are needed to fuel the mitochondria?  I am talking about that patients are facing aging issues too.


to make it short, I told my man that he should lose some weights as he needs to boost his brain that will result in weight gain.  If he is overweight now than that methods will cause risky burden to his body.   The first thing he needs to do is not to avoid sugar intake but that he has to skim the fats in the soup…  his heart issue may be due mainly to this that he hasn’t been doing this.  To skim it, you need to put the soup to refrigerator until the fats floats to the surface and solidify this has to be done a few times that may take 2 days.  So if he dines outside, he has to tell the restaurant in advance to customize the dining options for him.

occasionally I ask myself: am I spoiling him?